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Love IS

There are emotions and feelings called ‘love’. Real enough, but based in neuro-chemical brain states rooted in survival and reproductive programming.

The Love we truly crave, the Love that endures, that fulfils, is the Love that is the experience of beingness in the now moment, that is allowance, that is acceptance, that is forgiveness.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

Love Is

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If love didn’t involve fear, it couldn’t teach courage. If love didn’t address fear, it couldn’t answer fear. Love is one of the most general of notions which becomes one of the most specific when applied.

Awareness of the existence of love doesn’t mean we can love, any more than awareness of electricity means that we can throw a switch and have a light come on. First we have to invent a switch. We have to invent a wire, a generator and a light bulb.

Before we can have an electric light we must invent appropriate technology, and  the same is true of love.

Love is invented. You have to be an inventor.

Love is discovered. You have to be an explorer.

Love is created. You have to be an artist.

Love is the technology of the heart… the strategy of creation…the creation of the heart that unites the heart with creation itself.

It has something to do with creating something “there” that wasn’t “there” before, only to discover that it was all that was there, all along!

Change the World

How would you respond if you were told that you were in this life to learn to love, and that when you did you would change the world?

Even if you were not told this, both of those things are true.

The Key

The Buddha’s question “How well did you love?” is the key to the answers to the other questions.

In my experience, nothing else determined so fully how much life was in my living, or how real was the letting go, as did Love.

I don’t mean, pink fluffy love, or “need you” love, or “you complete me” love. I mean love that fills your being to overflowing, that feels like it’s opening your heart wide because it’s so big you can’t even begin to hold it in.

I mean love that is full of joy and delight at existence itself, as much for your own self as for everything else, and ultimately there is no difference.

Every thing, and every one, that I have loved, I have had to be willing to let go. The depth and clarity of that love has been the measure of how deeply I needed to let go, for love of my own self.

It didn’t mean that there was never pain or uncertainty over the possible outcomes. Lives end, lives go on. The paradox is that the more clearly and lovingly I let go, the more love flowed in: the more real relationships became, even when I was not physically in them any more.

That’s not an impossible dream. You can know that experience, because it is yours to have, the essence of your being.

The Buddha was asking the questions to plant a seed, to lead those willing to hear the question behind the question, into the possibility of going for it.

Believe, be willing to take a risk, and keep on being willing no matter what. You can do it.

But what if I should discover that the very enemy himself is within me, that I am the enemy who must be loved - what then?
- C. J. Jung
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
- C. G.  Jung

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