The Manual

I had known my lovely young friend “M” a number of months before she asked a question about my practice of Reiki, and in the process informed me that she had taken first and second degree.

I asked a few cautious questions and she offered that she didn’t actually practice, just did a bit here and there. And on second degree practice, “I never really got into it”. Then came words I have heard oh so often, “But I have a manual, so I can get back into it if I want to.” My best guess, based on long experience, is that “the manual review” wont happen.

I dont use manuals, never have. The form I teach is simple, just the simple basic practice. My intent in a class is to encourage and inspire the student to practice, and to have that practice teach them the nuances and depth of the practice they have been taught. That actually works.

Hawayo Takata, who brought the practice to the western world stressed that “Reiki was simple”, to “practice practice practice”, and to “let Reiki teach you”. I could not hope to do more.