From some eminently forgettable action movie in years gone by, I remember a scene where a warlord general of an all powerful army had captured an assassin, the daughter of a king that had been defeated and killed by the warlord. The daughter had vowed vengeance, to kill this warlord with her own hand.

What stuck with me was the warlord’s words to her which went something like: “The day that I came to your city and destroyed the world that you knew, was the single most significant, most momentous day in your life. But for me, it was a Wednesday”.

When I talk to people who have taken Reiki and don’t “do it” anymore, I usually ask about their first degree experience. Often for them it was “a Wednesday” type day. I don’t know precisely what makes the difference (I have thoughts!), but for me first degree was one of the more significant experiences of my life, a life changer.

The world  that I thought I knew changed in the space of minutes, and the change was in myself. The people who knew me best all responded to that something that was different. I was asked “What happened? What did you do? You are not the same one that went away”. I didn’t have an adequate answer for those questions at the time.

With hindsight it wasn’t anything I was taught. There was no new information imparted by the teacher, just a story and a daily practice that was to become part of my life. The “what happened” was the initiations, an opening to conscious awareness of some core part of my being, an omni max in my mind type thing.

My mind could have made much of it, but the experience was of the nature of a change of heart, and it was that to which people were responding. That change of heart was real and not imagination. It didn’t slip away, was there to stay.

There are those who will say their experience was different, and it is.

My response is that is that it was the conscious experience that was different. Initiation is only ever a starting point, an opening to a deeper experience of Self.

The deepening in that experience, the healing of the self separated from Self, is held in the daily self treatment practice and the natural initiations that are every day life experience. Love is the healer. Healing in turn reveals love. That’s win-win, all round, but the choice is ours.