In any class there is what is taught and what is learnt, what is presented and what is received. These dynamics are different for each person in the class, filtered through a web of beliefs and understandings.

What I remember being taught in my first degree class, was a simple form of a hands on practice that could be used on others but would primarily be used on myself. What I received was an experience of initiation that was a catalyst for change and an opening to the mystery of who and what I am.

The very nature of experience is that one can never again be the person who didn’t have that experience. Our only choice is what we do with the experience; whether - due to the degree it impacts our senses - it becomes a significant part of our life story, or not.

What I had expected to be using on others turned out to be for myself. I was naively unaware at the time how much I was the one person in my life who was so much in need of healing.

That’s what began almost immediately, not a process of physical healing (which would come later) but of healing the separated aspects of my life. Not only self healing but SELF healing, a process of returning to a wholeness of being, that seemingly had always existed, but that was somehow hidden behind the myriad details of my life.

The hands on self healing practice became my mainstay, a gentle self discipline of stillness and being present. It brought a sense of peace and ease into my life that had been absent for a long time, and continues to do so all these many years later.

Initiation proved to be not a connection to something outside my self, but a door cracked open to the great mystery of life: the essence of who we are, the yearnings of heart that lie within each one of us.