“The Master gives the student nothing he or she does not already have, nor does the Master take away anything that is not already absent”.

~ Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

The Reiki initiations are of a specialised or functional kind. They differ from the natural kind by nature of intent and purpose, and by nature of the conscious choice to enter into them. But in other aspects they are quite similar, not an end point, only the beginning of a process, the unfolding awareness of the outer and inner dimensions of our lives.

Initiation is not the ceremony (although a ceremony is involved). Initiation is no more and no less than an opening to an experience of the unknown self, the possibility of an awakening to the reality of who and what we really are.

The personal experience of initiation is a variable, dependent on the nature of one’s preparation, commitment and surrender. However phenomenal or ordinary that experience may be in the moment, the process that is initiated requires nurturing for its continuance, hence the precepts as a guide and the hands-on practice to support it long term.

The purpose in this process is to lead into the experience of what it is to become whole, to heal the illusions and separations that keep us from living our human existence to its fullness, to awaken to the beauty and the wonder of our beingness, to be truly present in the natural initiations that grace our lives.