Natural Experience

There are different kinds of initiation.  One kind is natural initiation, the everyday kind that is intrinsic to the experience of being human, a natural unfoldment or opening of awareness with no conscious effort or outward intent required to experience it.

This kind of initiation is held within seemingly ordinary life events, the birth of a child, or the experience of death, serious illness, deep pain, or suffering. Experiences of these kinds hold the possibility of an opening to a larger, perhaps richer perspective on life.

These are moments in which the world may seem to be transformed. But it is not that the world has changed. It is the person that is changed, aware of subtleties in the experience of life in a way that is not possible without the experience. 

More importantly the experience and the awareness is a new beginning. One may begin to think, feel, perceive and act differently. In embracing the experience it can be said that one truly begins to live and to love.