Hands on Healing

My Reiki master friend Steve ran a ”healing night” every Wednesday night for many years. The night began as a practice night for people who had taken Reiki with him, but attendance was open to anyone wishing to try a Reiki session, and others whether they had taken a Reiki class with Steve or not. Often there were three or more persons at each of the six therapy tables.

The only request that Steve made, was that if anyone was the recipient of a hands on treatment, then they consider taking their place at the table alongside the other practitioners, and give equal hands on treatment time. He asked them to simply follow what the Reiki practitioners were doing, to not try to do anything (nothing to do), to simply place their hands in contact with the body of the person on the table.

I got to share in this experience for over a year while sharing house with Steve. One curious fact was notable every time. There was no way to tell from the physical treatment experience whether the person placing their hands on our bodies had taken Reiki or not. It was not uncommon for the hottest hands (a quite subjective experience) to be those of persons who had not taken Reiki at all, and there was no discernible difference in that short treatment experience from that of the Reiki practitioners.

The common threads I note over many years are all there: doing without doing (being present, being in stillness, unattached to outcome), drawing together in recognition of the common need for healing, the giving and receiving of that most basic of needs, human touch. This can also be viewed as an expression of love (love = acceptance, allowance, forgiveness), and remembering to add “self” in front of each of those words.

A Reiki class is not a required element for this. The hands on healing experience is valid in its many forms outside of the Reiki context. The Reiki class holds an experience that uses and builds on the hands on healing practice as a disciplined foundation practice.

The experience is called initiation. Without it, there is no Reiki practice.