When I took my first degree class 20 years ago I didn’t actually know what I was about to be taught. I had not researched it, had observed only the result of several quick “reiki therapy sessions”, muscle spasms and headaches relieved, simple things, but, I was drawn to “Reiki” like a magnet, just had to do it.

All thoughts of learning a therapy lasted  five minutes into the class. No one had mentioned initiations and I already knew how to do something very like this.

A year before, my father had contracted legionnaires disease, had been placed on life support, had been given the last rites, was not expected to last the night. That was how I first saw him on arriving at the hospital, unconscious and on life support. There was no doubt in my mind that I was watching him die.

I managed to have a ten minute time alone with him in the ICU. I took his hand, told him what I was going to do, and after eight or nine minutes was satisfied that I had done what I could. I told him it was now up to him, that he had to choose what was to happen.

There was no phone call during the night, and we arrived at the hospital next morning to find him off life support, breathing on his own, and asking when he might be able to eat. He walked out of hospital three days later.

The doctors said they could not explain it. It was something of a mystery, a miracle even. I said no word to anyone, but my mother let it be known she knew that I had done “something”.

I didn’t take Reiki to learn how to do that. Everyone is able to do it. Love works miracles …everyone “knows” that. The only confusion is over what love really is.