Good Question

I owned a brand new car once, which was an entirely delightful experience. I took very good care of it, washed it every week, kept it in good mechanical condition. But the reality is that it was a means of transport, a set of wheels to go places, and it did that so very well.

For some however, a vehicle is much more than transport. That shiny sleek powerful machine becomes a symbol, an extension of their image of themselves.  Even so, no one says “I am this vehicle”. That would be absurd. The vehicle is not who they are.

The mind isn’t so discriminating however with its “vehicle”. We say “my hand”, “my leg”,” my body” as if it belongs to someone, a someone who is the vehicle that is the body. But its not so.

Living with non vital body parts or a limb removed in no way diminishes our sense of being a self, although our thinking  about our body may require an adjustment.

Then there is the mystery of sleep. For close to one third of your 24 hour day, one third of your life,“you” are not actually there.

So if “I” am not my body, and “I” am not always there, then who am I? Really?