Little Deaths

In a lifetime there are many little deaths, some big some small. A phase of our lives comes to an end; a career change; the end of a relationship; a serious illness; and the like. Each time, we die a little death and perhaps grieve the end of the story of the self that we believed we were up until that life changing event.

A story is told of Mikao Usui. Having found inspiration in his studies of the sutras (his ah-ha moment!) he sought advice on what to do next from the abbot of the monastery where he had studied.

The Abbot is said to have given him the very zen advice, “Die one time.”

Dying to the story of the ego mind, awakening to the nature of who we really are is the nature of the zen practice, and the very essence of the nature of healing.

Therein lies the revolving door of life and death and of healing. Die one time, awaken to who we truly are, who we have always been …or die the many little deaths on the road to that realisation.