Love Is

*Source unknown.

If love didn’t involve fear, it couldn’t teach courage. If love didn’t address fear, it couldn’t answer fear. Love is one of the most general of notions which becomes one of the most specific when applied.

Awareness of the existence of love doesn’t mean we can love, any more than awareness of electricity means that we can throw a switch and have a light come on. First we have to invent a switch. We have to invent a wire, a generator and a light bulb.

Before we can have an electric light we must invent appropriate technology, and  the same is true of love.

Love is invented. You have to be an inventor.

Love is discovered. You have to be an explorer.

Love is created. You have to be an artist.

Love is the technology of the heart… the strategy of creation…the creation of the heart that unites the heart with creation itself.

It has something to do with creating something “there” that wasn’t “there” before, only to discover that it was all that was there, all along!