Is simply living your everyday life...
not how you expected it to be?



Reiki Healing: Body and Mind

Life is an adventure, brim full of the unexpected. As much as we might want to believe we are in control or attempt to be in control of our lives, ultimately our sense of control is an illusion. Most often it is not until things are not working as expected or become a source of discomfort, that we tend to ask the big questions, to look at the patterns in our lives, to consider what we might need to let go. Change can be a scary idea, but it need not be so. To find an answer, a way forward, the questions that follow may be helpful.

Is your body not allowing you to do what you used to do
, what you might like to do, what you had hoped to be able to do? As I get older, paying attention to what my body is telling me, taking better care of myself, being kinder in my treatment of it, has led me to make changes in my lifestyle and thinking. Could your body be trying to tell you this same thing?

Are you feeling lost or stuck? Perhaps you endure anxiety or depression that stops you from living a full life - as many people do. Maybe you haven't been able to get beyond an experience of trauma or abuse. This can be a lonely place, the demons of our minds are fearsome, the sense of overwhelm can be crushing, like we are totally on our own. How do you find a way out of a place like that, a way back home? It can be done.

Are you living with the experience of a broken heart? Maybe you've lost a dream, or someone who is close to your heart. This is something we all know and experience, it's simply part of life. The letting go, the finding new meaning in our lives, is often where we get stuck. How do you move from this stuck place ...in this crazy-making world? There are ways to heal the hurt.

Maybe for you its none of the above, but you feel like there is an emptiness in your life. Activity, friends, parties, cover it up but it's there in the alone moments, a sense that there's more to life. What if you could put a finger on that missing piece that keeps you from being at peace?

If you are able to answer "yes, that fits for me" to any of the above situations ...then relax, this is what it is to be human. We all get to say yes to at least some of these things at some point in our life, and sometimes what feels like all of them at the same time. It’s OK to bend, even to fold, under life stresses. Although life seems to be breaking apart, and the way out is not without trials, the human spirit is resilient and healing is possible.

There are ways through all these situations. Life finds a balance given the chance. In the midst of change and suffering, sometimes all it takes is be acknowledged, to be heard, to be seen, to be valued …to be loved. This is where "Reiki" can help, what I like to call the "path of heart", it holds all these things as possibilities.

Why the Path of Heart? Because all these very human experiences above are places where there is a conflict between heart and mind, the experience of creating separation. The physical manifestation of this conflict is stress, conflict and unhappiness. The healing that is experienced through the Reiki practice, is always a return to values of the heart, of making whole again, the healing of separations both real and imagined.

This "Path of Heart" is something I have lived and practised for more than 20 years. It’s a way I have used to navigate my own life’s ups and downs, through every single one of those very human experiences in the questions listed above. Reiki is not a “new thing”, it endures because it has made a real life difference for someone when it was needed. You don’t even have to take my word on that, you can know and experience this for yourself.

If you have never heard of Reiki, the practice is truly simple, easy enough for a child to learn and to do. Used as a daily personal practice, the benefits are a less stressful mind space, and a more balanced and relaxed approach to life. Not only is this practice simple, but its absolutely safe. The hands on practice of Reiki is a source of comfort and relaxation for the body, and peace for the mind. Additionally the practice can be used safely and in combination with conventional medical treatments or any other form of health treatment or procedure.

If you have heard of Reiki, and thought it was not for you, you’re not interested in learning a "therapy", or maybe the way you’ve heard it explained was all a bit improbable, then I would gently encourage you to take another look. People just like you in all walks of life, use this practice just for themselves and their immediate family, as a self help system. The Reiki treatment industry, the “therapy face”, that is the public perception of Reiki, is not the way of this practice for most people who simply live it in their everyday life.

What could you do here right now to remake your life differently?

If you need more information
about Reiki, to decide if this is for you, take a look at the Reiki pages ...nothing wild there I promise you!

If you are wondering if this is for you, or you simply would like an experience of how this feels, then schedule a treatment session. For treatment appointments, or any other enquiries please be in touch, details for this are on the Contact page.

If you have already decided Reiki is for you, or to help support a loved one in their time of difficulty, then make contact to take a class. To check out what's involved with taking a class, go to the Classes page.

If you have already taken a class, maybe you have not been practising (very human, caught up in the busy-ness of life), and you simply feel drawn to reconnect with the Reiki practice again, or you may be seeking a different experience of the practice, take a look the Workshops page.

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